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Twitch streamer

I am a growing Streamer on Twitch, who at the time of writing this has just under 1,000 followers on that platform. I stream a variety of content, with features such as Epic Mondays, Trainer Tuesdays and Fall Guys Fridays.

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Since I play so many different games on my stream, I have decided to start a blog called “First Impressions” that would showcase my thoughts for each game through the first few hours of playing.

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As I continue to grow my brand, affiliate links and sponsorships will become an important part of my business. Each of these invaluable partnerships will be listed here for you to peruse and enjoy, and potential use to support me.

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About ME

I am a variety streamer on Twitch, who mostly plays different Indie games, but will also dabble in story games and party games. I view streaming as a way to potentially make some money while always creating a space for others to unwind and hopefully grow together. 



Some of the hats sAL wears during his streams.