Q1: Where did you come up with the name “AKABroMontana?”

A1: The origin of my name actually comes from the film ‘I Love You, Man’. Toward the end, when they are exchanging “I Love You’s”, they throw out the name BroMontana. Being that my name is Brody, this kinda just stuck as a nickname. Regretfully, there was already a profile on Twitch with that username, so I got cheeky and through in the “AKA”. 

Q2: How long have you been streaming for?

A2: My first stream was on November 30th! So, at the time of writing this out, I have been streaming for about 2 and a half months. Or 1,825 hours ago if you’d prefer. Or even 109,500 minutes ago.


Q3: What prompted you to start streaming?

A3: I’ve been a performer all my life. Whether it be theatre, Youtube videos, or acting school. I have always wanted to perform for people. Twitch flew under my radar for a very long time as a platform where I could do this until StroodleDude (Shoutout) who is my brother, started streaming. I realized this is what I need to be doing. And here we are.


Q4: What has been the most enjoyable part of streaming for you so far?

A4: The answer may be a cliche but without a shadow of a doubt: The community. I have not only found wonderful people to play games with and interact with, but I’ve found a plethora of genuine friends who I will absolutely meet with after these COVID shenanigans. 


Q5: What has been the biggest challenge in your streaming career so far?

A5: The biggest challenge for me is simply making the switch to living that PC life. I haven’t played a PC game since I would go to the public library to play Wolfenstein when I was 9. Adapting to the PC itself, adapting to Mouse and Keyboard… It’s been a trip. 


Q6: What has been your favorite on screen memory so far?

A6: I did a stream where I had some drinks with the community. Some drinks turned in to a lot of drinks. I was meant to play a video game but I ended up singing karaoke for about 2 and a half hours. Called some people on Discord (including you) and did some duets. Was an absolute pleasure, albeit insanely humiliating the next day. 


Q7: What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in the next year?

A7: With streaming, I try to live in the now. I try not to set too many goals for myself because the world of Twitch is so foreign to me and I don’t know what I am MEANT to strive for, if that makes sense. So, for lack of a better answer, we’ll go with 1000 followers! 


Q8: What is one piece of advice that you would give to a small streamer who is just breaking into the business?

A8: What you play is not as important as who you are. People will show up for the games, 100%. But people will stay based on YOU. Interacting with the chat, having fun, and ensuring your viewers are content will always be important, but especially as you are starting out. 


Q9: What is one reason someone should watch AKABroMontana on Twitch?

A9: This is a tough one for me as I don’t know if I’ve established a “niche” yet. My main focus is “Everybody follow everybody”. If you want to be part of a community who is trying to grow together, who will support you with every fibre of their being, then please come hang out. 


Q10: Where are you from?

A10: Toronto, Ontario, Canada #BaggedMilk


Q11: Besides playing video games, what do you like to do in your free time?

A11: I like to write. Nothing in particular, more so everything. Poetry, lyrics, short stories. I’m a creative person and if I’m not accessing my creative side, I’m not as happy as I know I can be. 


Q12: What is your favorite food?

A12: Say what you want about this answer but it is undoubtedly Doritos. Not a question about it. 


Q13: What is your all-time favorite video game?

A13: Super Mario 64 has always and will always be my favourite video game. A VERY close second is Final Fantasy X but SM64 came first so it holds the throne. 


Q14: What is your all-time favorite movie?

A14: I’m a huge film buff and this is like asking which piece of rice in the bowl tastes the best. If you DEMAND an answer, the answer is Reservoir Dogs. I saw this movie a little later in life, I was maybe 16. And the instant the credits rolled, I started it over with the “Trivia” enabled and learned that movie inside and out. 


Q15: What kind of music are you most likely to be listening to on any given day?

A15: This is a tough one because my favourite artist is Billy Joel. Like… period. BUT that’s not a genre. And I’m still very partial to the genre I listened to when I was 14 years old and that is Pop Punk. Give me a playlist with MCR, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Weezer etc, and I’m a happy boy. 


Q16: Besides streaming, what would be a dream career for you?

A16: Acting. I don’t need to be an A lister though. I’ve always said the perfect level of fame is Dave Franco fame. 


Q17: What would be the ideal vacation for you?

A17: Since watching The Mummy (the one with Brendan Fraser) over 9000 times when I was a kid, I have wanted to go to Egypt. I want to take a tour, and break off from the tour line, and climb through secret passageways and jump over pits of scarabs and find treasure. You said ideal, not realistic. 


Q18: If you were to strike it rich, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Q18: There are so many practical answers and I’m sure I’m going to regret saying this as soon as you’ve submitted this but: I’d buy a Delorean.  


Q19: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to for supporting you throughout this experience? If so, who?

A19: There are so many but, as I mentioned him above, it’s going to be StroodleDude. He’s my brother. He is my best friend. And he deserves every ounce of love you could feasibly throw at him.


Q20: What is the next big step for AKABroMontana?

A20: There’s a lot I’m working on to improve my channel. The next big thing, I would say is going to be merch that we’ve been working on situating! Very excited about that! 


Q21: Any final thoughts you would like to share with the readers?

A21: Just thank you. This is quite literally a dream job for me. I genuinely thought this would be fun, I’d make a few friends and it would stay pretty stagnant. I am absolutely blown away by the continued support in my streams. By the lovely messages I receive from people thanking me. I take 10 minutes after every stream and I just sit there in disbelief. So… Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. 

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