Q1: Where did you come up with the name “CaptainMoose35?”


A1: CaptainMoose started back in maybe May of 2020, starting my Minecraft account with my brother and my good friend Regime, I needed a name for doing Youtube Videos and CaptainMoose was born! it’s a combination of my favorite baseball players nickname (Mike Mussina) Moose, and one of my go to drinks Captain 100.


Q2: How long have you been streaming for?


A2: My first stream was on August 13th of 2020!  I was without a camera my first week, and then… The Antlers started to grow!


Q3: What prompted you to start streaming?


A3: I had originally planned to do youtube videos, but It was a combination of my friend Regime and my brother saying I should give it a shot.  I never thought it would take off to where I am at now its been an incredible ride so far.


Q4: What has been the most enjoyable part of streaming for you so far?


A4: So far probably all the amazing people I have met along the way.  I now have friends all over the world who I never would have interacted with if not for the platform that Twitch has given me.  I also really love to see the shock on someone’s face from a raid!


Q5: What has been the biggest challenge in your streaming career so far?


A5: So far I’d say the biggest challenge for me has been time management.  It’s really difficult for me to put things to the side and do them later.  I have a tendency to get really excited about something and go full throttle at it even at the expense of my sleep or some other things I would have been able to get done.  I need to learn to put some things aside and realize this all happens over time, and rushing into something out of excitement isn’t always the best decision.  


Q6: What has been your favorite on screen memory so far?


A6:  I think so far my favorite moment on stream was when I hit the 100 Marble mark, or when we hit the Charity goal on the second day of our Valentines for St. Jude week long Charity stream.  The Marble mark was fun because of the time it took me to get to that mark! But there’s nothing more exciting than doing good for others, and having your community get behind you and not only hit the goal but completely surpass it.  it’s definitely something I’ll never forget and I really look forward to doing it again next year!


Q7: What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in the next year?


A7: I think the real goal for everyone is hitting Partner.  It’s a goal that a few months ago felt completely unreasonable, but after the growth I’ve had since December I see no reason not to set the goal high and shoot for the stars.  The worst thing that could happen is not hitting it and having to keep reaching for it in 2022, which really isn’t all that bad!  


Q8: What is one piece of advice that you would give to a small streamer who is just breaking into the business?


A8: Be original and NEVER give up!  There’s gonna be times where no one is watching and you want to turn the stream off, just don’t.  Keep pushing every single day and remember this doesn’t happen overnight.  Put out the best content you can and never be afraid to be yourself you’d be surprised how many people will love you just the way you are, even with antlers on your head.  Aside from that I’d just say always remember that most people are their own biggest critics and don’t put yourself down.  Don’t see someone else doing well and kick yourself you’re gonna get there just take a deep breath and power through everyone has their own path.


Q9: What is one reason someone should watch CaptainMoose35 on Twitch?


A9: I’d say tune in because not only am I going to do everything in my power to make you laugh, but I also try the best I can to make every single person who comes by not only feel welcome but show them the best time possible. If you’re not smiling by the end of the stream I haven’t done what I’ve set out to do and that’s provide the best content and fun a Moose can.


Q10: Where are you from?


A10: I am from Connecticut, born and raised!


Q11: Besides playing video games, what do you like to do in your free time?


A11: Spend time with my family, and hang out with my dogs.  It sounds cliche but they are everything to me! without my parents the antlers would never have been a thing nor the Marble track for Run Marbles run!  They inspire and support me 100% and my dogs are always there no matter what mood I am in. They love me unconditionally, and also enjoy the treat’s for Lincoln and Maggie channel point reward!


Q12: What is your favorite food?


A12: Probably have to say Ravioli Pizza! any Pizza really but to be specific Ravioli Pizza for sure!


Q13: What is your all-time favorite video game?


A13: This one is tough, I love a lot of games from Super Mario 64 to the Halo series but currently? I think I would have to say Fall Guys! I can’t get enough of it!


Q14: What is your all-time favorite movie?


A14: My all time favorite Movie is another tough one, I love a lot of the Marvel Movies, the Star wars movies and a lot of the original Disney Movies! tough call but off the top of my head any one of the Spider-Man movies!


Q15: What kind of music are you most likely to be listening to on any given day?


A15: This one is easy most likely Eminem, or Billy Joel! I love a lot of Music!


Q16: Besides streaming, what would be a dream career for you?


A16: I’d love to train Dogs for a living!  Or anything where I could help animals in some way, I love dogs if you can’t tell yet lol


Q17: What would be the ideal vacation for you?


A17: I would love to do a full road trip of the 30 MLB stadiums I have only been to a portion of the ones I would like to have seen!


Q18: If you were to strike it rich, what would be the first thing you would buy?


Q18: I’d do whatever it took for my parents to retire, then my brothers.  Once I knew my family was taken care of I’d probably pay off my house and travel the world!


Q19: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to for supporting you throughout this experience? If so, who?


A19: Oh man, My parents for sure, my Nana who regularly watches my stream, Regime, Kathros, my top 3 fans (my friends kids)! Everyone in my discord, all my friends who have come by and watched the stream from day 1.  There’s so many people I have met along the way it’s hard to name them all!


Q20: What is the next big step for CaptainMoose35?


A20: I’m just gonna keep pushing forward every day and keep trying my best, I have some layout stuff I’d like to have done and for a few weeks now My antlers have been bugging me…. almost like they’re about to fall off and some new ones are going to grow in 😉


Q21: Any final thoughts you would like to share with the readers?

A21: I’d like to thank everyone who has ever come and hung out in the stream, even for a lurk I’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for the people watching!  So thank you all so much for supporting me on this wild ride and I hope you’re all still here for the big things to come!


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