Hello, friends! I am pleased to announce that the second set of writings for sALvation767.com is a blog called “Behind the Streams” and for every post, I will be showcase on of the many amazing streamers from out community on Twitch. Each streamer will be sent a questionnaire composed of 21 questions, some stream related, some about their lives. I have not altered their responses in any way, as I would love for their answers to be as genuine as possible. I truly believe that reading their responses to the questions can give you a little bit of an additional perspective into the person behind some of your favorite Twitch channels. I will likely look to publish one Q&A per day, since there are an endless number of amazing streamers that I would love to showcase. I hope you enjoy these posts, and will give these streamers some love and support if you have not yet done so. Thank you for reading!

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