Q1: Where did you come up with the name “Kyologist?”

A1: To put it simply, it’s a name based around my actual name, Kyle. Over the years, I have had a few Twitch names. “PhantonicEntity” was my original name, which is based on a story that I write. I eventually switched over to “Kyology101”, and soon after “Kyologee” (Kyology was taken, I think), since I didn’t want numbers in my name. It still didn’t feel right, so I was trying to come up with something else. A friend known as “GloomyLoomer” actually came up with the Kyologist idea. I loved the idea, so I’ve been going with that since.



Q2: How long have you been streaming for?

A2: Several years now. My first few streams were actually in 2014. If I recall, I did a stream or two of practicing a speedrun of Pokemon Crystal. Nothing came of that, obviously. I’m not too sure about the following year, but I began to take streaming somewhat seriously in 2016. I’m pretty sure I got my first legitimate viewership while playing Hyrule Warriors. I kept it up as much as I could, and I ended up becoming a Twitch Affiliate in December of 2017. Ever since then, streaming has been an on and off thing, which I do regret. However, the past several months I’ve taken it more seriously than ever, and I’m glad to say the things I’ve learned over the years have been helping with things taking off!


Q3: What prompted you to start streaming?

A3: I’ve always loved watching videos relating to video games. The early days of Youtube had loads of (what now could be considered) horrible content involving parodies, voice over dubs, and playthroughs. I indulge in that stuff, and I believe in the summer of 2008 I actually started up my original Youtube account, and made similar things. We’re…not going to go into details of what I made (maybe someday I’ll push through the cringe and discuss it). That channel is obviously no more, by the way. 

Fast forward to early 2013, and I discovered Twitch. Specifically, speedrunning. Watching speedruns of games such as Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time was something that really helped me out through stuff I was dealing with back then. Along with the few small streams I mentioned in Question 2, I also started another Youtube channel around 2014-2015 where I attempted Let’s Plays. I had fun with it for a while, although nothing really came of it. As I began shifting toward streaming, I realized how much better it felt. Despite it being live, it could be more casual, and that really appealed to me. At that point, I realized that it was the route to take.


Q4: What has been the most enjoyable part of streaming for you so far?

A4: Branching off of the previous question, it’s how casual and chill streams can be. The fact that it is one of the few mediums where I’m able to talk normally with others makes it very fulfilling for me, personally. And I get to meet people who enjoy the same games as I do. What more can you ask for?  


Q5: What has been the biggest challenge in your streaming career so far?

A5: Keeping a consistent schedule. I’ve always been horrible with scheduling in general, and unfortunately, it has affected my streams. While there have been things out of my control, there have been instances where I could have streamed much more frequently. I’m glad to say that the past few months have been very consistent overall; the best I’ve ever been with it. I hope to continue that from this point forward.


Q6: What has been your favorite on screen memory so far?

A6: Although I was quite nervous, I’d have to say the raid that I got several years back for almost 100 viewers. It was during a playthrough of Ultra Sun, and I believe the guy’s name was GlassmanCometh (something like that; think he does glassblowing) who raided me after opening up Pokemon cards on stream, if I recall correctly. It was pretty crazy to see that much activity at once in my chat, and I hope to work my way up to that kind of consistent viewership one day (emphasis on the “work my way up” part, so I can mentally handle that many people haha).


Q7: What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in the next year?

A7: It’s vague, but forming a solid community has always been one of my goals. Having a place for people to relax and to help each other out. In a way, I’ve already succeeded at doing this! Of course, I would like it to keep growing as much as possible.


Q8: What is one piece of advice that you would give to a small streamer who is just breaking into the business?

A8: I’ll start off by giving the generic answer: Be yourself. This is legitimately very important. You don’t want to copy how other people do things, or play whatever’s the current trend for the sake of viewership. If you don’t enjoy how you stream, it will wear you down quickly. There are people who will enjoy what you do, it’s just that finding those people might be a challenge. Don’t give up on that though, as it IS worth it in the end. 

If we don’t go with the generic answer and learn from my example, I would suggest building a frequent schedule, something I mentioned in Question 5 being one of my biggest challenges. If I kept up with streaming consistently over the years, I’m sure my channel would be much larger at this point. Viewers like to be aware of a general time in which you would stream. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a PRECISE schedule, but keeping up with it to a degree guarantees your regulars will show up more often, and they’ll obviously appreciate being able to watch you!


Q9: What is one reason someone should watch Kyologist on Twitch?

A9: If you want a chill environment where things aren’t taken seriously, it is the place to be! I am a pretty laid back person, which for some people isn’t the right kind of stream for them to watch. They need excitement and yelling throughout the stream. Which is understandable, for sure. But for me, having that the entire time is… a little too draining. We do get hyped for things, absolutely, but you want a more casual atmosphere, then feel free to stop on by!


Q10: Where are you from?

A10: Central New York. Cold? Snowy? It certainly is.


Q11: Besides playing video games, what do you like to do in your free time?

A11: When it comes to just relaxing, I tend to watch streams on Twitch (obviously), watch videos on Youtube, and watch anime. When it comes to Youtube, the content is usually random, although compilation videos of stream highlights from people are what I tend to watch while unwinding. For anime, I watch a wide variety; usually whatever is seasonal that looks good. I’ve watched quite a bit over the years, yet I have tons on my list to go back and check out/finish.


Q12: What is your favorite food?

A12: I tend to prefer all things chicken. Chicken parm is my all-time favorite. Also, pizza is a good choice whenever I’m indecisive.


Q13: What is your all-time favorite video game?

A13: For those who watch my streams, it’s pretty obvious that my favorite is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/The Wind Waker HD. It was my first experience with a Zelda game with the demo back on the Zelda Collector’s Edition disc on the Gamecube. Even before getting the actual game, I would play through the demo’s levels multiple times and enjoy it immensely. Overall, I spent so much time on Wind Waker, even going as far as buying the game an additional 2-3 times (I was bad at taking care of discs as a kid) so I could continue playing. 

Eventually the Wii U HD remake came out, and I was so happy with it. They fixed so many issues that I did have with the original (sailing mechanics being the main thing) and, considering it came out around the time I began watching Twitch, I remember watching all kinds of content on the site with the game. It reignited my love for it, as well as the Zelda series in general (although it didn’t really ever go out, to be fair).

When it comes to my streams, I love to play randomizers of The Wind Waker. It’s a brand new experience each time, and it has really helped me learn more than I knew before with the game’s mechanics. I would love to be able to speedrun the game at some point (HD mainly), as that would be another way for me to enjoy it. I hope that, by playing it a ton, people will become interested in trying the game out as well, or perhaps another game in the Zelda series. It goes without saying that they are my favorite games at this point, so having more people interested in them makes me happy! 


Q14: What is your all-time favorite movie?

A14: I’m not really huge on movies, to be entirely honest. There are some incredible ones, don’t get me wrong. It’s one of those things that I just don’t do too often. However, if we were to pick a favorite… I’m having a hard time deciding. So here’s a list of ones I love: Pokemon Movies 1-4, Shrek/Shrek 2, Toy Story/Toy Story 2, The Emperor’s New Groove, Mulan, Your Name, etc.


Q15: What kind of music are you most likely to be listening to on any given day?

A15: Most of the time, you’ll catch me listening to anime music of all kinds, whether it be openings, official soundtracks, or something in between. I’m a modern rock kind of guy when it comes to more “normal” music. My favorite band is known as “10 Years,” and I feel like they are heavily underrated. You, the one who’s reading this, should go and check out some of their stuff. 


Q16: Besides streaming, what would be a dream career for you?

A16: Writing has been my biggest thing alongside streaming, so becoming a published author one day would be fantastic. The past few years, I’ve worked on my web novel, Phantonics, attempting to have that grow. I’ve taken a break from it recently to focus on streaming, yet it might be returning rather soon. I love to write (when I can actually get words to come out) and I love creating all kinds of different worlds. To share these worlds, and the characters within them is something I would greatly enjoy!


Q17: What would be the ideal vacation for you?

A17: There are all sorts of places I’d like to visit. Japan goes without saying. The majority of what I enjoy originates from there, so visiting the place would be a dream come true. Also a few places in Europe, such as Ireland, probably the UK, Sweden, Germany, etc. Maybe just a trip all across the continent, to be honest. Closer to home, I’d like to actually visit Canada one day, since I’ve been so close to the place my entire life without actually stepping foot in it. Oh, and also the generic answer of Disney. Perhaps Universal would be the better choice, especially once the Ninendo part opens up. Relating to the traveling across Europe thing, I would like to go on a huge road trip one day going across the US, finally meeting a lot of my online friends that I’ve always wanted to meet. One day!


Q18: If you were to strike it rich, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Q18: I would probably make sure my mom has a nice house, first. Then, probably a nice place of my own, preferably away from people (I’m not a fan of people irl), but with good access to the internet. Having a place of comfort is extremely important to me, and as long as it has that internet access, we can still stream as much as we want. 


Q19: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to for supporting you throughout this experience? If so, who?

A19: The first person I should shoutout is my mom, for supporting me in working toward making streams something I’d like to do for a living, and allowing me to still live at home while doing so. 

When it comes to others, there are too many to list here. I will give a few specific shoutouts to some people, however. TsunamiCoRyan being one; the guy who’s collabed with me the most during streams, whether it be Minecraft or Wind Waker Randomizer races! Also, he’s the one who does the majority of my artwork, so a huge thank you for that, of course!

And then we’ve got sALvation767, the guy who runs this blog! He’s helped me out quite a bit over the years, but if it was not for him, I wouldn’t have gotten this recent drive to stream frequently, and to work toward growing my channel in new ways! 


Q20: What is the next big step for Kyologist?

A20: I have several things I’d like to work on in the near future. One thing I’d like to try is some new work on my website, adding streaming-related content on there. I’m working on my writing once more, and I’m attempting to find a way to actually combine the two mediums. What do I mean by that? I’m not entirely sure yet, but the details I have come up with I’d rather not give away just yet. Stay tuned to find out more on that topic! 


Q21: Any final thoughts you would like to share with the readers?

A21: Streaming can be really tough, especially when it comes to growth. Don’t let it discourage you! Everyone takes things at their own pace. I think that goes with anything in life. There’s a lot more that I could say, but I think that’s good for now, since I’m tired. There’s some good advice people take for granted though: Make sure you get plenty of rest, and take time for yourself! Streaming can easily exhaust you, as I’m sure most of you are aware. 

Thank you Sal for these questions! It was a lot of fun answering them, and I hope everyone who’s read through this entire thing enjoyed it! As I like to say at the end of my streams: Peace out, drive safe if you’re going to drive anywhere, and buh-bye!

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