Hello, Friends! I am sALvation767, and I am a growing Twitch streamer who focuses on a large variety of games. From Hollow Knight to Rocket League to Fall Guys to Terraria; everything is a possibility for my stream. Through my brief yet exciting streaming journey, I have been able to play a plethora of unique and interesting games, and this led me to the concept of creating a blog about these games.

sAL in a Plague Doctor mask.

The first series of writings will be called “First Impressions” and it will detail the way I felt about the game throughout my first day playing it. A person can learn a lot about a game within the first few minutes of playing a game, as well as the first few hours. A person will likely be able to quickly decide whether the game is worth continuing or not, as well as how they feel about the mechanics, music, artwork, combat, etc.

Note that this series will only be detailing the first few hours of play, so it will in no way be a complete rating or review of the game, only my opinions after a few hours tackling the title. Many games will be chronicled on this journey, from relatively unknown Indie games to some popular AAA titles. Hopefully, you will all enjoy my thoughts on these titles, and if not, feel free to let me know where you disagree with my input. I look forward to sharing my insights with you!

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