I actually found this game on Twitter, and since it was on sale, I figured I would give it a shot. Soulless is a 2D puzzle game, where you play as a soul who is going to rescue his friend from the darkness. I would refer to it as a game that is focused heavily on ambience, which is in no way a bad thing, and is a common theme among Indie games.

Soulless: Ray of Hope

The first few things I would like to discuss are the music and art-style, since I feel they play a huge role in what the game is doing. The title menu starts of on the right foot for this game, since the screen is dark and rainy, and the music matches that feeling. Even the audio for the rain is well made, which adds a little something extra right away. The art-style is also boosted by the fact that you play as a little soul who has a cute design, which is a staple of Indie platformers. The music and certain design elements change, depending on what area you are in, which is also a treat. The background colors would often change, in addition to the music, which changed the way the player was expected to feel about certain areas. There were also always shadow hands and eyes in the background, which would add to the creepiness factor of the game.

The gameplay mechanics are mostly simple, WASD to move and spacebar to jump. The only movement mechanic to make note of was the addition of flight, where your character would sprout wings by double tapping spacebar, which allowed the player to glide. This was essential to the completion of several puzzles, and was a pretty polished mechanic, which I appreciated. Using the flight on giant fans would allow the player to lift into the air quickly, and coupled with the mechanic that allowed you to invert the gravity, the game actually had a handful of unique puzzles.

There were a handful of fast-paced challenges in the game as well, where the player would be sucked into a separate location, and would be chased by a serious of hands, with the only escape being a successful completion of a platformer level. These were a good combination between precious platforming and quick thinking, which allowed them to be completed after a few attempts.

I believe that I completed one of two possible endings, where after making a certain choice, the game ended without much fanfare. I am unsure of how the second ending would have been, but since there was only a single boss in the game, I speculate that a second boss fight would have occurred. The single boss fight played like a series of puzzles and well-timed jumps, which was fair since the character does not actually have any stats, so a single hit would leave you to restart the battle. The addition of only one boss fight seemed a slight bit out of place, but since the game was so short, there really was not much room for anything further.

Soulless is not a game that I would recommend to most people, simply because it fits so perfectly into a specific niche, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys short Indie games that are focused on ambience and puzzles. I believe it should satisfy a player’s appetite for this specific type of game. If you decide to play this game, feel free to let me know what you think!

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