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As I continue to grow my brand, partnerships will become more and more important, as they will develop into revenue streams that will be used to support my Twitch stream, as well as this very website. By clicking these links, and signing up for products and services, you will be directly supporting me financially.


Fiverr is a website full of freelance designers and other specialists, and it where I have had all of my Twitch emotes and sub-badges made, for as little as $5 a piece. By using my link to sign up for a new account and make a purchase, you are directly supporting me financially, and I appreciate you!






Dead, Lurk and Easy Emotes

Merch is available to directly support me! There are currently 8 different pieces available, from mugs to hoodies, each adorned with sALvation767, Good Guy Gator, or Party Penguin! More pieces may be the on the way depending on what people want. Let me know what you think!

Good Guy Gator Hoodie

Party Penguin Shirt

Dreamhost is a professional and relatively inexpensive web-hosting site, where you can set up your own website, each equipped with seamless WordPress integration. Of all of the web-hosting options I have look at, Dreamhost was the easiest to set up and have many less hassles. Also, by using Dreamhost, you will be to use your own unique URL, like how I use! Purchasing plans from my link will directly compensate me!

Dreamhost Logo